How Does the Mimark Recognizer Work?

Q. What is a recognizer and how does it protect me?


A recognizer is a personal identifier that first responders can use to access vital information about the person wearing the recognizer. This means that if you’re hurt, people on the scene can know how to get in touch with your emergency contacts and can access critical medical information.

Q. Who needs a recognizer?


Anyone, at any time. We never know when an accident will occur, and, in the case of children, we never know when they might become lost or separated from their carer. The Mimark recognizer is a way to tell first responders who you are and who to contact when you’re not able to.

Q. How is the Mimark recognizer better than other forms of identification?


To be useful, identification must be with you at all times. The Mimark recognizer is worn on your wrist so you don’t have to have a wallet or cellphone with you in order to have your emergency contact information with you.

The recognizer is different from ICE contact numbers some people enter into their phone’s address book, which may not be accessible if the phone is locked or if the first responder is reluctant to go through someone’s personal belongings. Unlike a phone the recognizer is not reliant on battery life to be able to provide emergency information.

A recognizer is specifically for providing emergency information and includes instructions that can help even non-medical people retrieve useful information.

Q. What is a QR code?


A QR code is a type of barcode. QR stands for “Quick Response” because a QR code can be scanned to open a link to a website. A Mimark QR code stores a unique ID number with a link to the Mimark database, which means your ID can be viewed simply by scanning the Mimark QR code with a QR scanner.

Q. Do I need a QR scanner?


If you want to access the information in the Mimark QR code, then, yes, you do need to download a QR reader app to your smartphone. This is easily done and is free of charge. If you have a smartphone, simply visit our website and click on the QR reader app link to be guided through the necessary steps.

Q. What if a first responder doesn’t have a smartphone or know what a QR code is?


A first responder can text the unique ID number to 5211 to receive information from your Virtual ID. They will receive the same information as they would from scanning the QR code.

Q. Can a Mimark be scanned accidentally?


No. The unique QR code can only be scanned by opening the QR slider.

Q. What is my ID number and where can I find it?


Each Mimark recognizer has a unique ID number. To see the number, open the QR slider. Your ID number is shown with the QR code.

The full QR code looks like this:


Q. Can I wear a Mimark recognizer instead of a MedicAlert band?


Yes. If you have an accident, the first responder who scans your Mimark will be able to access your Virtual ID which includes any medical and allergy information. When you enter your Mimark Virtual ID, be sure to include information about any medical conditions.

Q. Is the Mimark recognizer just for kids?


The smaller recognizer is suitable for children and some adults. We’re currently working on bringing you alternative adult versions. Keep posted!

Q. Is our information private?


We ask you for two types of information: your account information and your identification and medical information for your profile.

We don’t share your account information with anyone else for any reason, and so nothing you tell us will be passed on to any organisation or individual for any reason.

Your profile information (identification and medical information), including emergency contacts, is visible to those who scan your Mimark QR code.

Once you’ve set up your Virtual ID, you can preview it from the dashboard located within your account. This allows you to see what information can be viewed by scanning the QR code or texting the ID#. You can also scan your Mimark QR code at any time to see how the recognizer displays your ID.

Q. Can my child wear the Mimark recognizer to school?


Yes. The Mimark recognizer for children is also a watch. Watches are not regarded as jewellery and can be worn at school.

Q. Does the Mimark recognizer come in different colours?


Yes, it does. The recognizer is now available with a black strap, as well as the original white.

We also offer a range of colour kits for sale in our online store. Each colour kit contains a faceplate and clasp. It’s easy to swap your faceplate and clasp to make new colour combinations for your recognizer!

Q. Is the Mimark recognizer waterproof?


The Mimark recognizer is water resistant rather than waterproof, as is the case for many watches. The Mimark Recognizer has been designed and tested to international standard IP (Ingress Protection) for Water and Dust Ingress and ISO standards for Shock and Impact resistance. In real life, you will wear the recognizer and be physically active while engaging in activities involving water, and this can expose it to forces exceeding the rated pressure, even at shallow depths of immersion. This can be exacerbated if it is immersed in cold water after being in hot air. Water resistance should provide protection against immersion, but should not be relied upon.

Q. When can’t I wear my Mimark recognizer?


There’s no reason you can’t wear a Mimark at any time.

Q. How robust is a Mimark?


The Mimark Recognizer has been designed and tested to international standard IP (Ingress Protection) for Water and Dust Ingress and ISO standards for Shock and Impact resistance.  This means you don’t have to worry about damaging your Mimark recognizer while you’re out doing the things you love to do.

Q. What features does the watch have?


The watch tells time (of course!). It also has a day and date feature, an alarm and a stopwatch with a lap feature. The display and graphics are backlit with a blue light.

Q. Is there a warranty or guarantee for the Mimark recognizer?


Yes. Visit our warranty page for more information.

Q. Transferring your Virtual ID to a new Mimark product


Once you have set up an account, you can transfer your Virtual ID to a new Mimark product in the Settings area of your Dashboard. Follow the prompts by entering in the 8 alpha-numeric characters on your old product, and entering your 8 alpha-numeric characters on your new product. Once you click on “Submit”, this will deactivate your old Mimark product and cannot be undone. Your Virtual ID will be transferred to your new Mimark product and will be effective immediately.