Purchasing a Mimark

Q. How do I purchase a Mimark? What forms of payment do you accept?


You can buy your Mimark recognizer or Mimark QR label packs from our website. At times we sell at selected community events that we will be involved with. To find out about upcoming events, visit our website or our Facebook page.

If you buy from our website, we accept Mastercard and Visa payments. When you click Proceed to Checkout, you will be asked to enter your billing and shipping details.

Once you accept the terms and conditions and click Place Order, you will be directed to the SwipeHQ website, which is a secure website where you can pay by Mastercard or Visa. Click Pay Now and follow the prompts on the SwipeHQ website. Once your transaction is processed, you will receive an email confirmation.

Q. How much does it cost?


A Mimark recognizer can be purchased for $135. We are currently running an introductory offer of $99.95.

The Mimark QR label packs are available for purchase for just $10.

There is no enrolment fee for the Mimark database. There is an annual subscription for each recognizer profile of $20. Family rates for subscriptions are available when you have three or more recognizers registered under the same account holder. This is capped at $50 per year.

The subscription rate of $20 per annum applies to all Mimark QR Label Packs.

Note: all prices are in New Zealand Dollars.

Q. Are there discounts for family purchases?


The Mimark recognizer is already discounted to make it affordable for families, but we do offer a discounted subscription rate when you have three or more recognizers on your Mimark account. In this case, the subscription is capped at $50 a year.

Q. How much does shipping cost?


All Recognizer products are couriered with tracking, and the delivery cost is the same for the North Island and the South Island. The cost to courier each recognizer is $10. The cost to courier each colour kit is $5.

Mimark QR label packs will be sent out via NZ Post and will have a postage and packaging charge of $3.

Note: Shipping is payable at the time of purchase.

Q. How long does it take for your Mimark product to arrive once purchased?


Your order will be confirmed within 24 hours and we ask that you allow up to three days for courier delivery and NZ Post delivery.

Q. Is my payment information stored?


When you purchase from the Mimark website, we do not store your payment information.

When you enter your billing information as part of the registration process, we save the payment information you give us for your annual subscription.

Q. Do I have to buy Mimark product online?


No. You can purchase Mimark products at some local community events. Find out about upcoming events by visiting our website or our Facebook page.

Q. Can I purchase Mimark products as a gift?


Yes. The person you buy the Mimark Virtual ID for can then set up an account and their ID profile.

Q. What do schools and social needs groups do with the money raised through the Mimark rebate scheme?


It’s up to them. Most likely, the rebate will be used for resources within the school or group.

Q. How do I register a school or social needs group for the rebate scheme?


It’s easy. Simply click here to register a school or click here to register your social needs group for the rebate scheme. Completing the form will only take a few minutes.