Milla joins the Mimark family

Milla at skating rinkThis is Milla, an incredibly talented 11 year old figure skater.   Skating since the age of 5, and training four days a week (more if it was up to Milla!), she has consistently worked her way up in her sport and is a current gold and silver medal holder in both the Dunedin and Canterbury champs.

With a big year of competing ahead all around the country, both Milla and her parents recognised that it was important for her to have ID on her whenever and wherever she was training.  Coming from a busy family with other siblings, it’s not always possible for parents to stay for the training sessions.   As her mum said “Our skaters (and all sporty kids for that matter) need to know about these mimark watches.  With sports there can often be injuries, so it’s good to know that the parents can be contacted immediately if they are needed”.  Problem solved.

We’ve seen Milla in action, and she’s an absolute delight to watch on the ice.  We think she’s a real star in the making, so keep your eyes posted for her in years to come!