Mimark not just for the young

ryanI was on a bus after school, going into town to meet my dad at the new bus exchange. An elderly lady got on the bus and she sat down behind me.  She  was a lovely, friendly lady and she started chatting to me. After a wee while, she asked me where the bus was going.  I told her Cashmere.  She asked me “Is that Christchurch?”  I tried to explain to her that we were in Christchurch and that Cashmere was an area of Christchurch.  I then asked her where in Christchurch she needed to go.  She didn’t know; she was very confused.  I felt very concerned for the lady as she was clearly disorientated.

For the rest of the trip into the city, I kept trying to get information from her about where she needed to go. I told her that I would get off the bus with her at the bus exchange and find someone to help her.  When we got there we met up with my dad.  Dad and I stayed with the lady and took her to one of the bus exchange workers. They asked another employee at the bus exchange to help her – this was the person that was responsible for assisting customers about what buses to get on.

When I heard of the Mimark recognizer, I thought of her – if she had been wearing one we could’ve made contact with her carer right away and been able to help her immediately instead of asking numerous people to help.  It would’ve been much less stressful for all of us!

Aged:  13