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  • Add QR code and ID# Stickers to Order
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At the heart of the recognizer lies your personal code – it’s your identification and medical information carried as a QR code.

The recognizer provides your critical information to others at a time when it is needed. It’s to save lives, minimise injury and reunite people.

Flick the QR slider on the recognizer. Scanning the QR code will give you a virtually instant download of the information contained in the code, which means that the first responder can see everything they need to know about you, including any medical conditions you may have.

Don’t have a smartphone? No problem! The recognizer’s unique ID# number can be texted to 5211 and the same download of information will come through to the first responder’s phone.

It’s for when you’ve had an accident, if you’re unable to speak for yourself, or if you need to communicate a medical condition.

Strap colours may be changed to match manufacturing requirements.

Personalised QR stickers

A matching set of 8 Virtual ID adhesive labels, featuring your QR code and ID# can be purchased at the same time

Sizing Guide

Sizing Chart

Download and Print our sizing guide

  1. Check sizing of the template by measuring the strap-length dimension using a ruler.
  2. Trim template around dashed line.
  3. Fold the two tabs in the direction indicated and interconnect the slots. Fix with tape if required (optional).
  4. Test user fit by placing the template image side up on the wrist. Feed the strap through the loop. To ensure that the strap will fit it must sit within the hatched region.

Download Sizing Guide PDF